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Metering Control Systems  
One of the most critical items for an optimum performance and operability of a Fiscal Metering System is the Metering Control System.
A Metering Control System is primarily responsible for transforming the available accurate field data in valuable information which ultimately leads to strategic decisions for operation and maintenance of the metering system. With our large installed base and experience with Metering Control Systems since the first generation of Flow Computers back in the early eighties of the previous century, our Metering Control Systems are renowned for their high reliability, full (synchronized) redundancy, easy operator interface and open architecture.

By using proven industrial components and flexible software platforms for our Metering Control Systems we ensure optimum maintainability and upgradeability. Making use of the latest development of electronic field instruments, our Metering Control Systems are often supplied with Condition Based Maintenance to utilize real-time data to prioritize and optimize maintenance resources. Together with Remote Diagnosis and Condition Based Maintenance will reduce your operational cost and ensure availability of your precious metering data and equipment. 
Offering shadow calculation, online validation and other forms of Performance Monitoring contribute in lower overall uncertainty and higher reliability of your metering applications.



We deliver Metering Control Systems as part of complete metering projects but also as loose product for upgrade or grass root projects. Our Metering Control solutions variety from the delivery of:

   Loose Flow Computers
   Metering PLC racks
   Virtual Flow Computers
   Supervisory Computers and Metering HMI Systems
   Complete integrated Metering Control Systems

As an objective Metering System integrator we can meet end users preferences for Flow Computer, PLC and HMI manufactures and supply a Metering Control System fully inline with existing equipment and operator infrastructure.