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Offshore Metering  

Metering Packages required on offshore installations are mostly a combination of oil, gas and water measurements connected to a combined Metering Control System (MCS).
Often not only fiscal metering points are connected to such a dedicated MCS but also are all other allocation and operational metering points onboard of an offshore installation. Through this way balance calculations can easily be performed and all information required for maintenance and operation is available at one central point.

ODS Metering Systems offers in-depth knowledge and years of experience of all such applications to offer a “single-point responsibility” integrated turnkey offshore metering packages.

Offshore metering can be considered as one of the most challenging of all metering applications due to its harsh environment, limited space availability and remote locations. These conditions demands meticulous attention in terms of mechanical integrity, conservation, system design, certification, operational use and proving concepts.

As global market leader for offshore metering package, ODS Metering Systems has a lot of experience in using various metering and proving concepts in diverse markets across the world. Our system designs are of course in full compliance with local authorities and Operator preferences.
We have supplied gas and liquid metering systems for platforms, FPSO’s, FSO’s, MOPU’s, semi-submersibles, TLP’s, FLNG’s, FSRU’s and all kind of other offshore installation that require some kind of flow metering.



As a complete package supplier, ODS Metering Systems doesn’t limit its responsibility to only custody transfer metering skids but we also offer offshore metering solutions for separator, injection, flare, overboard, offloading, tank storage, import and other required metering points. Based on project requirements, these solutions can be configured as full equipped skids, meter runs or even loose flow meters.

Due to its large range of applications such project typically consist of a wide variety of metering principles such as turbine, ultrasonic, coriolis, orifice, venture, magnetic, cone and other flow meters.

For every offshore flow metering package ODS can offer an objective advice and deliver a custom-built solution in accordance with project requirements.