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Pipeline metering  

Pipeline flow metering typically involves large line sizes with large transfer of product and more important, large transfer of money. ODS Metering Systems designs and delivers state of the art pipe line metering systems with the lowest possible uncertainty.
For years ODS Metering Systems has been involved in pipeline flow metering. From traditional crude oil, refined products or (natural) gas stations to high demanding LNG, LPG, CNG and cryogenic applications we can develop and build the most suitable bespoke metering solutions.

Depending on the application, we can engineer our pipeline metering systems on all kind of custody transfer metering principles like turbine, PD, orifice, Coriolis, Ultrasonic and other type of flow meters. To obtain the lowest overall metering uncertainty, pipeline flow metering stations are often supplied with prover installations or master meter (transfer proving) solutions. ODS Metering Systems do develop and manufacture our own bi-directional sphere provers and can offer integrated solutions with compact piston provers and master meter (transfer proving) installations.

Beside quantity measurement Pipeline Metering Systems often require quality measurement for the products transported.  For quality measurement (automatic) sampling and analyzer system are used to accurately determine the quality of the oil or gas. These systems can be in-line fluid analyzers up to fully integrated analyzer houses including chromatographs, H2S analyzers, water in gas monitors, hydrocarbon dew point analyzers, etc.



ODS can deliver systems in all kind of sizes, pressure ratings (up to API 10.000) and materials. As our workshops are located beside the international water  ways and harbours we can transport any size of system without any limitation. For the metering locations at the end of the main pipelines we offer truck, rail and ship loading systems. ODS has reference at worlds largest loading terminals and delivered installations with integrated terminal control automation.

Pipeline Metering Systems do often require fluid filtration, pressure regulation and flow control. ODS can design and manufacturer filtration and (flow & pressure) control packages required for optimum pipeline management and operation.